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We (Enfound ) is the plastic packaging manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines & materials in Taiwan. We provide the reliable and various products to distributer and end user. Our main products: 1. Packaging machines: Vacuum sealer ,Hand type sealer ,Foot sealer machine, Automatic sealing machine, Continue sealer ,Chamber vacuum sealer ,Shrink tunnel, L-Sealer, Blister packaging, Tray sealer . 2. Tray, Blisters, Clamshells, Trapped, Seals, Inserts trays for the food , electric parts and devices , cosmetic , consumer industry by PP, PS, PET, PVC materials with vacuum thermoforming. (1). STOCK PACKAGING FOR FOOD: Salad Box,: 8,12,16,20,24 oz Flat &Domed Lid… Fruit Clamshell, Tomato, Cherry… Cake & Bakery Containers,: mini ,bar, round Sushi Box… Inner Case & Frozen Food Package Series….., Dumplings, Pie, Hot Plate Noodles…. (2). CUSTOM PACKAGING 3. Packaging materials: SILICA GEL desiccant, BENTONITE CLAY desiccant, Vacuum Sealer Bag, Color bag… Just contact us with your bag sealing requirements in details by email at your convenience, we will provide the suitable & good quality equipment to you ASAP.

E-mail:package@en-found.com or sales@en-found.com

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